Fix PR Rules

Despite all the contributions to Canadian society, migrant students face numerous obstacles in pursuing degrees and permanent residency (PR). Employers take advantage of us, and due to our temporary status and the obligation to fulfill the work experience requirement for PR, we are forced to continue working in exploitative environments. Speaking up against unfair treatment and exploitative conditions at work or school means we risk facing retaliation that can lead to hunger, homelessness or deportation.

International students face many difficulties getting their PR. Based on the CIC, after graduation, the available PR program for most migrant students is the Canadian Experience Class program. Yet, one of the requirements to apply through this program is having one year of Canadian work experience. This requirement would prevent them from getting their PR, at least for around two years. While young students who have just graduated may have many challenges to find a job and need to work for one year even with their post-graduation work permit!

Imagine how many people accept a job that does not fit them, but only for one year of Canadian work experience, and then leave as soon as they get their PR. This process causes pressure on international students and even leads to inefficiency in students’ lives and the government system! We, as international students, demand to ease this unfair process.

There is another unreasonable requirement in some categories: proof of language qualification. An international student who has enrolled in one of the graduate programs of Canadian universities at least for one year, and studies, presents, speaks, writes, reads and communicates in English for one year. Now she has to spend more than $250 for an English exam to prove that she is qualified for PR!