Just conditions for immigration

Migrant students provide a plethora of knowledge, experience, values and economic contribution to the Canadian community. Despite their contributions to Canadian culture, migrant students encounter several challenges in pursuing degrees, careers and permanent residency status (PR). The discriminatory Study Permit, Work Permit and PR restrictions have resulted in an exploitative and dysfunctional system that requires significant adjustments to halt the daily violation of migrants students’ human and labour rights.

1. Fix Study and Work Permits

  • Remove the 20-hour work limit and industry restrictions for study permit holders
  • Make the PGWP renewable
  • Ensure post-graduation work permits (PGWPs) for private college students
  • Ensure the right to take a leave of absence for migrant students without endangering their PGWP
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2. Fix PR rules

  • Count work experience towards PR in any NOC code, in any job or without work, while in school
  • Include those without immigration status
  • Remove unfair age, language, education and health requirements
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