Better Advocacy and Financial Support for Migrant Students

The legal, consultancy and financial resources for international students in Canada is limited and insufficient. The international student offices in Canadian universities offer very limited services, with little more than straightforward consultations on common questions international students have. Their resources and mandate are not adequate to support the advocacy needed to resolve systemic issues that impact the life and study of international students. Moreover, financial support for international students is very limited. Most scholarships and grants, especially those with greater funding, are only available to students who have PR or are Canadian citizens. We demand improving international students’ access to financial and advocacy services and support.

Advocacy Support for Migrant Students

International students in Canada deal with issues stemming from their immigration status at their schools and other services (such as work, housing and healthcare). Remedying these issues requires individual and collective advocacy by pursuing policy changes within all institutions and levels of government that impact the lives of international students. 

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Financial Support for Migrant Students

Students’ expenses are high, and resources are low, especially for Migrant Students. They cannot live with their families to cut down costs, and it is harder for them to get student loans. Scholarships could help, but unfortunately, most scholarships restrict their funding to domestic students.