Status for All

We believe that all this discrimination and injustice for migrant students and other migrants in Canada is rooted in Canada’s two-tier immigration system. As Migrant Students United Chapter at SFU, we join the call by Migrant Rights Network in demanding complete and permanent immigration status for all, without exclusions. Lack of permanent status forces migrants to continue working in exploitative working and studying conditions because their presence and stay in Canada depends on unfair employers who take advantage of their vulnerable status. Access to many supports and even some basic rights are dependent on having a permanent status. We demand a single-tire immigration status in which all residents in Canada have access to the same rights. This is our only root to achieve global justice.

1. Just Immigration Conditions for All

Migrant students bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, values and economic contribution to the Canadian community. Despite these contributions to Canadian society, migrant students face numerous obstacles in pursuing their degrees, careers and permanent residency (PR). The unjust Study Permit, Work Permit and PR rules have resulted in an exploitative and problematic system that requires fundamental changes to end the everyday violation of migrant students’ human and working rights.

  • Fix Study and Work Permit
  • Fix PR rules

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2.  Fair Fee Structures

For migrant students in Canada, high foreign tuition prices have not always been a concern. However, in recent years, rising tuition fees and a lack of assistance for migrant students have put many of us in difficult financial situations, and we have been abused. We must solve the faulty post-secondary education financing paradigm and push for a fully publicly supported post-secondary education system for all to adequately address this issue and systematically promote truly accessible education for migrant and domestic students.

  • Lower tuition fees
  • Eliminate International Students Health Fee

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3. Better Advocacy and Financial Support for Migrant Students

The legal, consultancy and financial resources for international students in Canada is limited and insufficient. The international student offices in Canadian universities offer very limited services, with little more than straightforward consultations on common questions international students have. Their resources and mandate are not adequate to support the advocacy needed to resolve systemic issues that impact the life and study of international students. Moreover, financial support for international students is very limited. Most scholarships and grants, especially those with greater funding, are only available to students who have PR or are Canadian citizens. We demand improving international students’ access to financial and advocacy services and support.

  • Advocacy support for Migrant Students
  • Financial support for Migrant Students

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